Welcome to the Table!

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Welcome to Sweet Success Kitchen, where we’re dedicated to exploring food businesses that you can start from your home kitchen. If you’ve ever had the dream of wanting to start your own food business, or if you’re just curious about what kinds of ideas you’ll find here, come on in!

The menu above will act as a guide to our site – if you already have a business in mind, or want to jump straight to brainstorming, our START HERE section is for you! This is where we'll explore food business ideas, and dive into everything from deciding on a name, to navigating the cottage food laws in your state.

We'll then talk about the practical aspects of running a business from your home kitchen. What equipment will you need? How will you set up your production space? Will you need to plan your use of the space around regular family meal times?

We'll also cover topics like management and growth, as you take your business from an idea to a thriving enterprise. This means talking about the legal and financial aspects of running a business, as well as exploring different business models that you may be considering.

Below, you'll find our most recent posts, on anything and everything related to starting your own kitchen business.

And again, welcome! We're so glad you're here!

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